Tuesday, January 13

Southern Weddings Magazine

I know, I know, I've been gone too long, but I really do have some dang-good excuses, and I'll post them soon,,,just as soon as I come up with them :)
In the meantime, I just wanted to express how happy I was today when my friends at the Ups store handed over my daily goods.
I received my copy of the premier issue of Southern Weddings Magazine and I pretty much stopped everything I was doing to ooh and ahh through all the beautiful images and articles! Lara Casey and crew know how to do it up right!
Congratulations to my friend Jose Villa for gracing the cover with the Tennessee wedding of Chelsea and Tec ~ one of my favorite weddings of his.
Also, a congrats to my friend Jeremy Harwell for his images of Katy and Seth's wedding also getting published. So much talent you guys!
Oh, how I wish I could shoot in the south, the light there seems to be just magical!

sw mag


Delonybro said...

If you work at ACU you can shoot the south all the time!

Anonymous said...

Better get some of your photos in there!!

Cindy Cieluch Photography said...

Hmmmm....that wasn't me who said that, but I ditto Cindy. You will be in there one day. Mark my word. :) I spent hours the other day looking through all of your recent shoots. Amazing, artistic, inspiring. You rock, Ronnie.

Harwell Photography said...


Thanks so much for the mention!

I would love for you to come south
and hang out! You would love to shoot here.

I am always inspired by your work!

Ronnie Ruiz said...

scotty, you make me laugh, will you rent a room to me???
Cindy C. thanks, and really, you're awesome! I love your stuff, we need to do lunch!
Jeremy, I'd love to shoot by your side! Get a hold of me!
Cheers all!