Thursday, March 19

Earth Day 2009

I have been watching this trailer for over a week now and it just simply makes me smile.
I especially love the little duckling who spreads his itty-bitty wings and makes the biggest leap of his life with all the confidence in the world! Watch for it,,,,,it's amazing! It just warms my heart :)
Sit back, relax and take a couple minutes out of your day to smile. Make sure to click on the HD for an absolutely crystal clear picture.

Tuesday, March 17

The Rock and Worship Roadshow

Brooke, thanks for inviting me to come out tonight for some great entertainment and for getting me up close with that special little tag :)
I have never been to a Christian show before tonight and wasn't quite sure what to expect and quite honestly, didn't expect the whole auditorium to be as packed as it was!!
I was only able to shoot a little of MercyMe but was really diggin' Jeremy Camp and all of these photos except the last one were shot during their performance.
I have to say, I've been to a lot of concerts but tonight is one I won't soon forget. There was this very palpable energy I had never experienced before and it was just flowing through the crowd. It was quite powerful and I somewhat felt absorbed by it all. You can check out the tour here.


Sunday, March 15


It was so good to get back out and do some shooting the other day! And now that winter is making it's escape, it was an especially good day :) I love having the sun back! Spent about an hour and a half with Marissa and her dad Dennis wandering the alleys and buildings of downtown Billings. Thanks for the opportunity!


Sunday, March 8

Welcome to the hood

I have a new neighbor as of last night (we share an old home/duplex) and she stopped over for some conversation and borrow of my hammer. She and her friend spent most of the night working hanging pictures, setting up furniture and having fun and I liked hearing all the noises; it's been too quiet since I moved in on my side a few months ago. It was quite the inaugural event, even Hillary stopped by.


Saturday, March 7

My new 50 f1.2L

Recieved my new baby yesterday and haven't been able to shoot it until tonight! Oh my goodness, it has the most beautiful bokeh ever!! I shot this about an hour ago and am heading back out to shoot it all night tonight, so excited! Those of you who know me know how much I love shooting in bars and well, watch me go! Hamburger, fries and beer courtesy of Tiny's Tavern, Billings, MT.
They have the absolute-hands down-best burger in town!! Love 'em!

Tiny's Burger

Wednesday, March 4

I couldn't have said it any better,,,,

Found this bit of art by Zack Arias via Troy's blog. Oh how true the words. Zack really brings to the surface for me what I sometimes feel during the winter months here in Montana. It's not so bad if you get to play every once in a while, but I'm usually too busy for that nonsense :) However, I am now rethinking that. I'm learning that my time is precious to me and that I must enjoy it more.
Enjoy the film.