Tuesday, March 17

The Rock and Worship Roadshow

Brooke, thanks for inviting me to come out tonight for some great entertainment and for getting me up close with that special little tag :)
I have never been to a Christian show before tonight and wasn't quite sure what to expect and quite honestly, didn't expect the whole auditorium to be as packed as it was!!
I was only able to shoot a little of MercyMe but was really diggin' Jeremy Camp and all of these photos except the last one were shot during their performance.
I have to say, I've been to a lot of concerts but tonight is one I won't soon forget. There was this very palpable energy I had never experienced before and it was just flowing through the crowd. It was quite powerful and I somewhat felt absorbed by it all. You can check out the tour here.



Brooke Moore said...

You SUCK!....in such a WONDERFUL way...well done!

Sammy said...

Wow your wonderful way!!! I am lovin that you were diggin the event. Love the images!

Houghtelling said...

Awesome images, I think you have captured the magic of the night. Jeremy Camp rocked it last night!

Amanda said...

What awesome pictures!!! They truly capture the feel of the night! Thanks for sharing them!

Jan said...

Ronnie- Wow! In the midst of about 9,000 people - we see the spirit that made everyone "one" through your pic's. Jan (Brooke's mom)

Anonymous said...

Love your pics of Jeremy Camp! Thanks for sharing.

Harwell Photography said...


Great work! I especially love the one with the light coming in from the side and the hands, Awesome!!