Wednesday, August 8

~~~~~ The Clumsy Lovers ~~~~~~

Holy~Wow~Cow!! That's all I can say about The Clumsy Lovers! Monday night they played at my favorite watering hole, The Yellowstone Valley Brewing Garage, and what a show it was . . . and to think, I almost didn't go~it was a Monday evening after all. Tyler Burnett was the opening act for the Lovers and because I had hesitated on going out, I missed their show, but it's ok, I know how awesome they are too! I plan on photographing them soon but more on that in a later post. Anywho, as soon as I had walked through the door at the Garage, the "lunatic energy" (from their bio ~ and it was lunatic!) was thumping and the crowd was crazy dancin'. It was amazing. I have never been so energized and my face hurt from smiling silly all evening ;) You could tell by the crowd that they were widely known and well loved. I saw people of all types, bikers to hippies, old to young and everything in between. Good cold beer, good friends, music and autographs to be had ;) If you can ever catch a show of theirs, you must drop what you are doing and go . . . go now!! I do know they'll be in Helena next Friday, road trip anyone!!??????? ;)

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