Sunday, September 16

Sick, delirious and traveling the world (wide web)

So, i'm sick with a cold and feeling quite miserable. It's day 4 and my body aches and my brow sweats and my tongue has lost it's tasting ability. I can no longer smell either, that is of course, when I can breathe through my nose and it's not dripping snot down my shirt. I'm also coughing up chunks of stuff, not sure what it is, but I'm sure i'm not supposed to look like that on the inside. I had a beer yesteday, a dark tasty one i'm sure (see note above), and I know I shouldn't have, but it was the kick-off for Octoberfest, and well, that only comes around once a year! I slept soon afterwards. I was supposed to be shooting this weekend but just can't do it. I"ve only got enough energy to stand for a few minutes at a time. My office is a mess and I just can't motivate to clean it up, and all of you who know me well, well, you know how this is killing me!! It's very early Sunday morning and I can't sleep. So, while I'm enjoying a brief moment of clarity I thought I would put it to good use by surfing blogs, and not just of my normal reads. Today I wanted to experiment. Today, as I sat here in my skivies and snot stained shirt, I would be an adventurererererer. I would start with a favorite blog of mine and from there I would link and link and link until I would link enough to stamp and fill my passport book, twice. With Andrew (sittin on Scarlett in previous post) at my side, we would venture far and wide, travel to magestic landscapes, fill our minds with knowledge and gain. Andrew, who just recently was sick himself, is missing the fur and whiskers from one side of his face, the result of the doc having to shave him to get to the wound. Oh Andrew, another tale of late night cat-nippin' and brawling where I suspect you got your arse kicked, even though you are too proud to admit it . . . too proud.
So, let's begin our journey shall we. I started with a favorite blog of mine by photographer Kevin Miyazaki. Great photojournalist by the way. From there I blindly clik'd links and kept going. It was going to be a blind type of adventure, crazy clik'n and fast link'n! It was going to be the kind of trip that gets rockers in trouble. But after a few quick cliks I suddenly decided to change my strategy. I would find a most curious sounding link and follow it from there. I would read them aloud and Andrew would help me decide. A small, "why are we up so early" kind of meow I really suspect, but it's all the same. So, after my first few cliks I found myself in Madison Park checkin' out this burger joint, and seein' how I was planning on soon posting my own review of 'round here' burger joints, I thought it to be a good stop. It's definitely somewhere I'll have to check out on my next trip to NY. After feeding my brain I clik'd a few times and found something so dark and disturbing I lost my burger and fries. You ever have one of those childhood heros, well, he was a teen hero to me I guess, but he was so stinkn' funny and cool. Anyway, you ever have one of those and then you grow up and you wonder if the success is still bestowed upon them? Well, have you ever had a nightmare while you're awake? I just did and I'll share it with you here. Carrot Top was my guy, but what the heck is going on?!!! I'm really sick now and must go lay my head down. It has put me over the edge. Anyway, when I pick this up next time I'll tell you about my never-ending journeys through a knitting ring, yes, there is such a place full of wonder and amazement (it seems). If you have any questions about knitting, please feel free and I'll examine and answer those to the best of my new found knowledge. I'll also be covering the topics 'choosing the right needle' to 'reading a guage chart'. See you next time :)


Sara said...

You didnt stick your thumb over the corner! :) Your still sick huh? Not good.

Ronnie James said...

funny, I wondered if you'd stop by and see it! Just for you Sara, just for you :)