Thursday, October 25

Sorry Lori, no salmon burgers tonight . . .

don't be sad, I know how much you were looking forward to it! :)

Instead, I'm going to share some art, art that's good enough to make the fridge ~ and they thought I was kidding :) We met with Shane and Emily last night to discuss their upcoming wedding and we had a blast just sittin' around joking and laughing all evening. You two are a hoot and I can't wait for your wedding, it sounds like a photographers dream! Even the sketch Shane made of the event location has me wanting to see more :)


Anonymous said...

I really don't think that I can go on reading your blog after this MAJOR disappointment.!!

Heather Meyers said...

hi - i'm just a pa photog that happened across your blog and then went diggin in your wow wow - I can't express how much I totally love some of the wed/engagements shots! TOTALLY diggin the use of textures, which are my present infatuation for my own work. Are the T your own or did you purchase some where? blessings