Thursday, February 21

An Eclipse and some phobias

I have this painful notion that somehow, someday, I'm going to end up in some lonely, remote, freakin-cold space station, and it's going to suck the soul right out of me, on purpose. Just as much as I'm nervous of deep, dark, still waters and of the things living there waiting to swallow me whole, I fear the quiet of space. That thought infused and nurtured along by Kubrick's '2001'. You all remember Hal don't you? I think I watched way too many penetrating movies in my young days,,, alone in the dark. And, I'm mostly certain that we lived near a lake,,,, a big still lake.


Anonymous said...

ok, you are craking me up :) Great writing and I love the image with it.


Sara said...

Creepy thoughts for an eerie picture