Sunday, April 27

Eileen and Stephen

I kicked off my wedding season in Richmond Virginia last weekend and it was a blast!!
Eileen and Stephen, you guys are the best! I had such a great time, and even though I was under the weather and sickly, you both brought me up :)
I wish that I'd have gotten to spend more time with you and gotten to hang even more, but I'll take what I got :)
Stephen, to a big guy with an even bigger heart,,,, man, you inspire me to love. It was awesome being around you and Eileen in those quiet moments. I wish you two the best in everything you do and as long as you have each other near, I know there is nothing that can stop you. My best!

Thanks to Amy for second shootin' with me and grabbin' some great shots :)


Troy Schneider said...

Great job Ronnie (and Amy). Looks like everyone had a great time. That's one big group picture you took... how many people were in it? I lost count around 30.

Eileen said...

Ronnie & Amy... Thank you SO much for doing the photo's for the wedding. It was real nice to know that I was able to have my cousin there not only to help celebrate our day, but to provide wonderful photo's of the event.


Stephen said...

Hey man, i kept thinking i left u a comment already hahha. It was an awesome day and the pics are great. My fav one is the one you got of me kissing her head.

Thanks Again bro