Tuesday, June 10

Los Colores de Honduras

Just got to look over the initial pdfs of the article I shot assigment for in Honduras,,,,looks pretty good!
I'm excited to see it in final print and have a copy in my little 'ol hands.
I sincerely have to thank Ron, my editor on this assignment, for having the faith in me even without having met me, to send me to this beautiful country. I will be a changed person forever because of this journey and experience.
So, in all my happiness tonight, I wanted to share some of the colorful side of what I saw. These are random shots made between visits to locations shot for the story.

I have to say, the first shot of this post, the sunset, was made only after being in the country about 2 hours. Right after I shot it, I looked at the back of my camera, yes, I chimp, and knew that this was going to be an awesome trip.

And for all of you who have emailed me asking to see the "Crabs For Sale" picture in colour, well, there it is! (I still prefer it in b/w though)

Enjoy and have a good night :)


Jana Graham Photography said...

I love the vivid colors, it makes you feel like you are there, I can smell the air. Thanks for the trip.

Brooke Moore said...

Very nice, I especially love the horse by the building picture. I like "Crabs for Sale" in B&W too.

Ron H said...

Great work, Ronnie, and thanks for the kind words. We'll be sending the magazine with this cover story to 45,000 of our closest friends in about 2 weeks. You'll see that you get plenty as well. Remember to send me that longer email you were going to send. I really want to work with you again on this sort of assignment and others.

malia said...

This entire series is GREAT!!!