Wednesday, June 25

Robin and Levi ~ Wedding

Get that scrollin' finger ready cuz I'm layin down one big picture post tonight!
Robin and Levi were married two weeks ago and it was one awesome day to say the least.
The day, and ladies you'll want to pay attention here, started at Genesis Salon here in Billings. Mariah was in charge of hair and makeup and she's just plain cool. She's funny, stylish and knows how to get that hair done right. The salon has huge open north facing windows that bring in that beautiful morning light and the decor is gorgeous and makes for some good background :) As far as salons go, this is now my favorite. I'll hopefully be working there and with Mariah again.
The wedding venue was Dan Walt Gardens on the southern side of Billings and once again, I was amazed. The gardens are killer. There are so many opportunities for great images, you just never seem to have enough time. The owners, Dan and Walt, are more than gracious and help with whatever you may need. I can't wait for my next wedding event there.

So, the day was great and we got some great images and I couldn't be happier that Robin and Levi had me as their photographer. Thanks you guys!
Cheers and I'll see you two this weekend in Red Lodge for Emily and Shane's wedding ;)


Chris said...

great shots Ronnie!! I can't wait to see the rest!

Levi said...

As always...Bad Ass! You rock and we will continue the fun this weekend! Thanks for everything!!!
Robin & Levi

Anonymous said...

Nice work definitely captured the fun of that amazing day. Keep up the great work, and it was a pleasure getting to meet you two. The M.O.H., Sara