Tuesday, September 30

Call me Indy


I absolutlely love Egyptian culture and history so when we stepped inside the Ashmolean today, I was in give-me-my-fedora-and-whip-adventure-heaven! It wasn't a planned trip but well worth the extra time spent there. As we waited for student activities to pick up we walked to downtown Oxford City and shown the museum. First off, didn't know that all museums in London are free to the public; America take note, and that, to my hearts joyful glee, photography is allowed in most areas of the museum!! So, when I found the carvings of Egyptian masters, I was stopped in my tracks. I studied the carvings and textures and could imagine the feel of the rough sands and markings of the stone under my fingers. It is beautiful work and to see it in real life, up close and personal meant a lot to me. It took a lot to peel myself away from the many glyphs on display. So, if ever in Oxford, you must check out the museum not only for the Egyptian displays, but for all the art held inside,,,it is truly amazing.

And now, I must hit the sack, I can barely keep my head from dropping onto my keyboard.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving the pics. You are in your element!!