Thursday, October 2

Rambling is what I think they call it here

After getting up and moving I met with Kris, Scott and Ron and we all headed out for a late lunch. We found a place down by the plaza and I had a tasty salmon with blu cheese salad. Oh it was good,,, and I usually don't eat blu cheese, actually never. But this salad was quite the plate-walnuts, cranberries, apple slices and tomatoes on greens with a rasberry vinagarette and wedges of some pretty pungent blu cheese, (you may have to check Scott's blog for the exact ingredients). I shot some pictures but those will have to wait. I have some others I want to share. After lunch we rambled around shooting and just explored the historic buildings that surround us day and night. We made our way to St. Peter's Cathedral again and spent most of our time there.
A very calming place to be.
Oh, and those of you who keep emailing me for a self-portrait in Spain, here you go ;)

St. Peter's Steps


Sara said...

OMG these are awsome! Looks like you are having a blast!

Josh said...

Gorgeous photos. That second one is my favorite.

Sammy said...

Now that is a total myspace photo done Ronnie style if I ever saw one! Great stuff!

Troy Schneider said...

I'm still in awe of your black and white skillz. These photos are awesome. The first 2 are perfecto. Keep up the great work my friend.

Ronnie Ruiz said...

myspace,,,really???? oh sammy, i'm a little too old for that! facebook maybe :)

Anonymous said...

... just amazing! i'm speachless, except, Sammy, whoever you are, Ronnie does have a myspace!!!! don't be ashamed R.J. !!!!!

Brandi said...

Ronster...I'm lovin the second image. Phenomenal!!!!