Tuesday, November 11

Mexico, My Love

Ahhh, to be in love,,,,
I've been here in Mexico for about 3 days now and have loved every minute of it. If I wasn't so tired tonight I'd be writing with romance! But let me tell you, the mexican sun shines down on us with grace and the light has never felt better on my face.
oooh, I ryhmed ;0
Jose Villa and crew are awesome and I'm learning so much!!
This is truly an awesome experience. More to come....



Sammy said...

I was hoping for a post! You always amaze me with your incredible talent! These are some beautiful images, can't wait to see more!!!

Anonymous said...

luv the tree pix - the last pix looks like uncle joe!!! :) luv your work brother!

Brooke Moore said...

Mmm...Lovin it. Should've gotten in you suitcase. Oh well, I'll just keep taking in these images instead. Keep posting; feed me, I am hungry for art.

wei said...

have a good time in mehico!

Saraq said...

I love these images, the colors are so true! I hope you are having a blast.

regina holder said...

love all of these images! it is so fun seeing your version of the walks we took. love love love the chickens crossing the street.

Christine said...

I love the chickens!!! Love them! Love all of the photos -- so awesome.

Mexico was so wonderful. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us there - we were blessed indeed!

Megan said...

Hi Ronnie,
This is Megan, from the Great frame up. I fell in love with pictures. I've never seen someone produce what you do. Do you sell any prints?