Friday, July 27

el pequeño bandido

Yesterday, a friend of mine stopped by to borrow some gear and talk shop, and when she arrived I was delightfully surprised that she had brought a couple of her kids with her. Her daughter, who was wrapped up in her arms, is a little ball of cutes and curls and big brown eyes. Her son, a handsome little fella in his own right, stood at her side looking up from a faded yellow t-shirt. He also wore a cool little black mask that covered his eyes, and tucked into his shorts, he carried a shiny little plastic pistola. The first thing that popped in my mind was . . . there are images to be made!!!! Not only that, but I was carried back to my own young life remembering long full days at my Grandma's house in southern Colorado. He was like, the living breathing, pre-asthma, pre-wheezing me! ;) After mom and I visited for a bit, and after he had warmed up to me by asking me all kinds of questions, he stood for me so I could take some pictures. Since he so reminded me of my own early years I put some vintage feel into the image. :) :)

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