Wednesday, July 25

Leisha and Matt

Glendive-O-Glendive! Glendive lies 3.5 hours east of us here in Billings and just a stones throw from the eastern Montana/North Dakota Border and is the gateway to Makoshika State Park. I never thought I'd ever spend much time in this town, much less spend all day shooting a wedding there, but that is exactly what we did a couple weekends ago and we had a blast!! ;) Leisha and Matt, some cool kids let me tell ya', invited us to spend the day with them photographing their wedding. And let me tell you about the family, the friends and all the other folks around there . . . they are the nicest bunch of people! We had a great time and if I'm ever asked to come back to shoot another wedding, well, i'm already packed ;) I think I'm going to have to list this as my first Destination Wedding!!! Thanks you two for having us!


Leisha and Matt Iba said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooo wow! That's all i can say! Ronnie, you did an AMAZING job! I can't believe that's us! We had such a blast and I am so glad that you got to come and share it with us. The pictures are what we will carry on with us forever. You truly captivated our wedding and the fun we had! I am blown away at how beautiful they all are. Thank you again so much for the fantastic job you did, and for traveling such a long way. My entire family is in awe! You truly made my wedding turn out perfect! Thank you both for coming and sharing you talent with us!

Leisha and Matt Iba

Anonymous said...

You did a fabulous job for these two! These images rock the house!!!