Monday, July 16

funny kids!

Well, still working on images from my last three weddings. wow, three weddings in 8 days, but it was awesome to experience it all with these lovely couples. And as you can see, i still haven't unpacked and my desk is a mess, maybe tomorrow i'll get to it ;)
Something funny happened today. I just got home from a great lunch and in the mail was a special and hilarious treat from Andrea and Jerod, my couple from Saturday's wedding. You see, I was being a bit whiney at the end of their reception, what with my blisters and all. My hand was actually blistering from holding my camera so much . . . ok, really just my thumb ~ I don't use a strap as it's limiting and gets in the way (my main camera, not the one in the picture). I was just being a wuss. Anyway, A and J poked a little fun at me today by delivering to my aid a band-aid package and a cute little note. You guys are hilarious and even now as it sits on my computer screen i'm laughin' ;) You two are great and thanks for the laugh AND the advanced healing remedy for my one little blister, which never really got out of hand. Hope you are having a great time on your honeymoon in Italy and travel safe!!


Andrea said...

Here we are in Florence stopping by an Internet Cafe in hopes of seeing some wedding pictures, and this is all we get?? :) Just kidding, Ronnie. I hope your finger feels better! We keep walking by old buildings or funky colored buildings and we say to each other, "Oh, Ronnie would LOVE that!" So, we're thinking of you here in beautiful Italy. :)

Ronnie James a.k.a. fotogypsy said...

Thanks for thinking of me ;) Check back very soon for a collection of images from your wedding day!