Sunday, July 15

I'd go there . . .

Two days and two weddings! I'm beat tired but have gotten up early to start editing; coffee would be good right about now~
I do have to tell a little about the church we shot in yesterday ;) The most interesting and fun part to me was a back hall which wraps behind the stage of the main auditorium. It's lined with small rooms, all of which have themes (the guys got ready in the 'tiki' room), and the hall itself is painted in one continuous, cheerfully simplistic Montana scene in changing seasons. One end is spring flowers and down around a couple corners at the other was winter, with a full winter moon. pretty neat :) And although it wasn't open, there's also a little cafe at the back of the auditorium, aptly named Cafe Hope, and it looked to be quite inviting with its coffee and snacks. Quite the social ;)
I know that the flash cap I left behind there will have a good home and will always be surrounded by happiness and joy!

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