Sunday, January 27

Funk 101

The Remedy: get something inspirational in your hands, that is, if you can't get out and shoot. I had all weekend to shoot. I didn't. I'm funkin' big time. I'm just not feelin' it. Ok, it wasn't just the html keeping me in.

I spent the entire weekend bringing myself down. I worry and agonize. I hate when that happens. So, tonight I pulled out up my "rescue-me-from-myself" book. I pour myself into the pages. I study each image and I marvel. I dream of being there. Houses with peeling and cracked paint. Broken doors and empty porches with empty swings. Dried summer grasses moving in the breeze and tangled weeds trapping my footing. Except for the evening crickets I hear nothing, not a sound, not a thought. I sit down and watch the old house lean farther. I fall back and stare up at the heavens. My breathing softens and I fall asleep no longer worried.


WEI QUEK said...

thanks for sharing. i have never heard of meatyard until now. his work truly is marvelous.

Jesse Osbourne said...

great blog man. i made it pretty deep into before i had to go back to the photo desk. how in the world did you ever find my blog?


Ronnie Ruiz said...

hey wei, how's it hangin'!! meatyard rocks!

Jesse, thanks! I'm not sure where it started but I know it was through Channing's blog I came across yours.