Sunday, January 27


Have spent most of the weekend teaching myself the mysteries of this. My head hurts. My vision is soggy. I wanted to change up my blog, give it a cleaner, more refined, more professional taste. Still have some things to do. Have I succeeded so far?
I'm going to skip the wedding fair today ~ I honestly feel I can't learn anything from the photographers who will be there. Maybe I'm feeling a bit lazy too. I have a dynamite workshop coming up in March anyway. It leads up to WPPI and so it will be a great, albeit exhausting week. I can't wait.


Shannon said...

yes, i think its really pretty

Anonymous said...

I don't like the grey on grey.
nothing pops out at you.
it reminds me of type on a grey card.
But thats just me.
I like more contrast.

WEI QUEK said...

hi ronnie, how are you? glad you found my blog (although i'm not sure how you found it). so what's shakin' in your world?

your blog looks good! dig the grey background.