Wednesday, March 19

My peeps from Vegas

So, as I sit here and sift through the mountain of WPPI takeout, i.e., brochures, pamphlets, and ads, I remember all those kids I met out there and how great it was to meet others with a passion like mine. It was my first WPPI and it won't soon be forgotten! Here are just a few of the great people I met while in Vegas,,,,
For starters, there is Troy from BluEye Photography in Austin, Coralee from the great northern territories of Canada, Araxi from Los Angeles, all around nice guy Jared from Denver, crazy-fun Toni from down under, Kari from Orange County and Nicole, a fellow Montanan. There are more folks but as of right now, your cards are buried with the takeout. Sorry about that, but you all know who you are! A quick shout to Heather and Jennifer too!!

Well, now I must pack and prepare for my departure in one week for a Honduras assignment, I'm pretty excited!!


Araxi said...

Ronnie you are incredibly talented and Im so happy to have met you! Montana is so lucky to have you. I look forward to seeing your work from Honduras and thank you for saving me from that booth lol

Troy said...

Hey Ronnie... it was a pleasure meeting you and Amy and getting a chance to hang out with y'all. I have a whole slew of new blogs to watch now and yours is one of them. Keep up the great work and keep in touch. If you are ever visiting Austin you'll have a place to crash.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie!
Thanks for the shout out! But more importantly the post about your stepfather really touched me. I'm so glad that you had a great visit, even if for only one day!
Have a great trip to Honduras - what are you going to be doing there? I can't wait to see! And hopefully our paths will cross again some day!!
Take care!
jen (I'm only Jennifer if I'm in trouble - didn't we talk about that?!) LOL!