Tuesday, March 11

Dinner with the family

Arrived late last night in Vegas and then hit the freeway for a 3 hour drive to Victorville to see my family.

Just had a fabulous, extra-tasty dinner at moms. She made up some shredded pork and chili with tortillas and all the fixin's, not to mention Mrs. Wilkie had made up a batch of her famous fried rice ~ damn good eatin!! My sister and bro-law came over for dinner and brought the twins. They are such the cuties and it was the first time I have seen them so it was extra special. I'm only getting to spend one day here visiting family so that kind of sucks but tomorrow we have to get back to Vegas for the pre-ception to the Anti-Workshop.

Jennifer my sister and one of the twins, Paula.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet capture. Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

that pic is the best one i ever seen of mouther and daughter!

Anonymous said...

this picture is beautiful, thank you