Thursday, March 13

Live from Vegas!!

This is going to be a quick post as I only paid for 1 hour of internet, yeah, I had to pay which sucks!!
Anyway, it's been a busy, fast paced couple of days and I'm pretty tired but looking to another full day tomorrow :)
So, Tuesday we started the Anti with a pre-ception which was held at the Downtown, a cozy moody little place. Met some of the 'classmates' and had a few too many drinks.

After the party, we stopped on Freemont Street and snapped some shots of tourists snapping shots themselves.

The first day was full of info and in the pm we had our polaroid exercise. It was quite fun but I don't have a scanner with me
so I can't show you those shots ~(and i didn't take pics of the polaroids, duh) ~ sorry! More on that later. . .
BUT, today was quite fun. We started the day out shooting with a model and each team of about 4-5 had to complete a scavenger list of shots involving their assigned model. We had Kara and she was awesome, I only wish we would've had more time, although we were all getting beat down after about 2.5 hours in the sun. Here are some of my fav's from the exercise.

After lunch we got some teachin' on lighting, quite good stuff to absorb. Also learned how to take advantage of video lights, which was something I never had really thought of, but am excited to experiment now!

Tonight on our way back to the hotel I stopped and talked with this fella and he obliged on my request for a photo. Wish I could write more but my hour is about up! Check back again this weekend-we're moving to a hotel tomorrow that doesn't charge so I'll have more time to shoot the sh*t :)


Sara said...

Mucho Grazes(sorry I cant can correct that if you want) Very sweet photots from the workshop of the bride..cant wait for more! :)

Morgaine said...

Ronnie... Exceptional! The shoot with Kara... WOW! Well done! I'm in love with the 1st and 3rd shots. Superb pp. I want to pick your brain about your BW process :) Later...
xo m

Jasmine Marie said...

Pictures of people taking pictures.

Love it.