Monday, March 31

San Marcos de Colon

Blogging from the small town of San Marcos,it´s where I´ve been put up for the duration of my stay. I´m in a very nice little hotel that over looks the town and is run by a nice couple of folks.

It´s been pretty hot, today I think was around 94 degrees, and yes, I´m sweatin´a lot! There are, however, cool breezes that find their way to me every now and then that ease the soul.

I´ve been shootin´a lot and although I haven´t quite fulfilled the assignment yet, I have two more days. I had hoped for high clouds but most, well, all days have been bright sun. Tricky to shoot as everyone wears hats. Wow, I´m beat and my words are struggling to find their place, please forgive me.

Just wanted to check in and briefly say ´buenas tardes´. I´m not sure that I´ll get to blog again- today we finished early so I had a chance to walk down to this internet cafe, but tomorrow may be a long day as we are going up the mountain.

Pictures will come when I get home!

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Jared Wilson said...

Man! I can't wait to see your photos!