Friday, April 4

When going to Honduras,,,,

hold on for the landing of your life!!

With all the research I did before heading to Honduras I'm now surprised I didn't come across anything that would've hinted about the airport in Tegucigalpa, the capital city. Last week, however, I found out what it's all about on my first ever descent there. Little did I know that the airport is the second smallest international airport in the world and that its runway mimics that trait. You can spend a couple minutes reading about the specifics and some not so lucky flights here. The thing is, that on approach, the plane has to bank hard left and as you are doing so, you can literally look down one wing into someone's yard while out the other side you can see nothing but hill and mountian and sky. You literally are flown on a banking turn through a couple small mountains on either side and there is nothing you can do but hold on. As soon as you clear the hills you have but a couple seconds to straighten and drop for a landing that promises to give your stomach a wild ride. Even this video doesn't give the full effect or show the hard bank, but it gives you an idea :)

When I landed last week it felt as though we landed on one wheel and swerved a bit before straightening out. I know that it wasn't just me either. There were loud cheers and applause and laughter when we knew we had made it, no kidding! One missionary behind me shouted out, " If you didn't believe in Jesus before, I bet you do now!"
A gal sitting next to me who lives in Honduras, said, that although she has landed hundreds of times before, ours had been one of the scariest she had ever experienced.

Amen I say. Amen.


Troy Schneider said...

Whoa! That's crazy. Glad to hear that you landed safely.

Jared Wilson said...

That's Hilarious. Glad you survived. :)

Sara said...

Oh my lord is right! Im pretty sure I would have peed in my pants!!