Saturday, April 5


These are actually the last images I made in Honduras and they were taken only a couple of hours before I boarded my flight for home. On the way to the airport we had stopped at a roadside restaurant that, in the back, has a small refuge of wild animals that have been confiscated from people illegally transporting them, most likely for sale. While the refuge was small and I only had about ten minutes of wandering, I have to say that for being where I was, I was somewhat impressed with the conditions. Although the cages were smaller than I thought they should be, they were very clean and uncluttered and the animals seemed calm in their surroundings. Being a lover of animals, I cheerfully thought, the people managing this refuge must really care. That's all I could hope and wish for.

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Anonymous said...

caged animals are always sad,, even when they are being helped in the best of ways...