Tuesday, May 27


I love photographing the political arena, even though this was more of a last-stop rally for Hillary to rev up her Montana constituents before our primaries next week. Ya' know, we may make a difference up here in Montana this time, as far as decisions on a final nominee. I missed Obama last week so I jumped at the chance to go tonight. Funny story though,,,I almost didn't get any pictures. Hillary was running an hour late and I had been standing in one spot for nearly 2 1/2 hours waiting when I gave up and decided to go home. As I was leaving, an agent (secret service maybe?), told me to hold on as she was sure to arrive within minutes. After chatting with him for a few, he convinced me to stay. I'm glad I did, although, I hadn't eaten all day and by this time I was starting to feel a bit delirious and was getting a severe head/neck ache. But it was all good :) I also challenged myself tonight by shooting only one body and one lens. I wanted to see if I could layer and find depth with just that set up. I think I did ok. Shot with my 5d and trusty 85 f1.2


Anonymous said...

Hey these are really great captures Ronnie. Glad you stayed. Love the one of her looking so animated in the second to last image.

Jared said...

Every time I hear someone like this is in town I always think about going to hear and capturing it - but never do. Glad you got to go and experience this. Great shots too! And all with the 85, huh?!