Tuesday, June 17

Cari and her magnificent adventure!

I really don't know how to explain what I've been feeling lately, really don't know how to interpret it, except that there is the strongest sense of wanderlust gripping and shaking my bones. My thoughts and dreams of late have found me drifting the cornfields and forests of my youth and I have woken to the aromas of bacon and eggs sizzling on the griddle next to spanish music crackling and striking out from an old radio my uncle listened to. All so real,, for some very precious few seconds. Why now I wonder,,,why so palpable???
I think maybe the changes around me have set my mind in this state. Friends are moving, friends are miles away that I miss and another, I found out recently, was lost ~~ well, it all just sucks.
I have realized though that I'm taking too much for granted and I must refocus. Friends to me are precious, more than I have realized lately, and I can't afford to take them for granted, no one should. I haven't kept up on letters, I put calls on the back burner and I don't think I listen enough. Those little quirks, dorky smiles, and motions in life,,,they are what we need of each other, whether we know and admit it or not.

And that brings me to Cari, a wonderful artist, who is heading out tomorrow, leaving on a jet plane, movin' to the east coast on an adventure of her own. I wish her the best and hope she sees every detail in her path, wherever it may lead her. I'll miss her, we all will. I feel like I'm breaking apart here. I'm such a sap. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to have drinks with her the other night along with some close friends. We had a great time hangin', drinking, laughin' and just being. I'll not forget it :) Hopefully we will all get to reunite at Burning Man later this summer!!

Here is the night we had (also my first slideshow on the blog! woo-hoo!)
Just sit back, turn up the volume and think of your friends! And this, by the way, is why I love taking pictures.


Sara said...

Wow! This are some great shots! Looks like you guys sent her on her way with wind under her wings. (That tends to happen at the stand :S) P.S. I love the slideshow.

Shannon said...

yayyyyyyy for your pretty slidey :)

great job man.

Brandi said...

Love this song better than the other one...it doesn't make me cry :) Wonderful job! BRAVO

Ronnie Ruiz said...

thanks shannon for helping me out on this! :)

Rachel Anne Davis said...

I don't know if you get email notification when someone posts a comment, but here goes: who's the handsome guy standing at left in frame 31? Dark hair. I've seen this guy before...I know it! Just can't figure out where. I remember the smile. Killer.