Sunday, June 15

Erin and Aaron ~ Wedding!

Waited a whole two weeks to blog this awesome wedding so that it would be the first thing Aaron would see when he got home from some military training!
Are you seein' it ???? Are you home yet ??? :) Thanks to both of you for having us three photographers as a part of your day, it was fabulous!! :) And,,,,thanks for the inspirations from throughout the day! I'm feelin' the love, ahhhh yeahhhh!
Special thanks go out to Brooke and Amy for shooting with me :)


AaronN said...

love them all ill show E when she gets home posted some of the earlier post to my myspace will redirect further traffic here thanks again ronnie for your hard work and artistic eye and flair . Aaron

Jared said...

REALLY love the bw with the tree in the middle near the end. Awesome!