Thursday, July 10

Emily and Shane

What a great way to end my early wedding season! It's been a great journey getting to hang with you two and the wedding day was just as awesome. There were so many great moments that day, I'll never forget it. You two crack me up! I hope you both had a fantastic honeymoon and I'll be talking to you soon and I can't wait for our next shoot, it's going to be flippin' fun!

And Shane, we gotta head to the bike shop soon!


Jared Wilson Photography said...

DUDE! All of these last few posts are friggin' amazing!!! I love the guy in Wyoming, the musicians - and these wedding shots are outstanding. I really dig the one of the wedding program - I don't know, but something about it really grabs me. Brilliant, brilliant work.

wei said...

ronnie, you have changed my mind about golf courses. =)