Sunday, July 6

A Ten Sleep 4th

Headed south to Wyoming a few days ago. They've got tough cowboys and hard ridin' rodeo action down there,,,,mix it up and what else is there to say?!!



Jana Graham Photography said...

Great pics, nice action - I'm glad I'm not that guy!

JoeFlix said...

Please don't laugh at my stupid question, I spent all my life in New York City....

What is that cowboy trying to do to the bull? Breed it?

Again: I know nothing about cattle. Sorry

Sara said...

Q: Whats a blog?
A: Its a website
Q: Then why don't they just call it a website?
A: Because its a blog.

Good times. Good laughs. And lets not forget the good beer. :) These turned out great, but where is patch?

Mandy said...

Are you a sure its Called a blog? And patches is lost his patch and is still looking for it. Thanks for a good time this weekend, We have to do it again next year

Mandy said...

Good lord i can't type

eliesa said...

These are AWESOME!!!!


Carly said...

Wowwee, these are amazing photos! I'm so glad I randomly came across them!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Where is the badass picture of us cousins?? Come on now Ronnie! haha Everything looks amazing! Oh yeah... where are the pics at night that you made me drive 20 minutes to get the stupid batteries?? haha

Hope everything is well

Elizabeth G