Saturday, September 13

Bikes for everyone

Went to a biker bar last night,,,, yep,,,,I did. Didn't know that was the plan when I arrived to meet friends earlier (dropping off wedding images no less! ) at another location but in the end, it was a great time and even though I was more dressed for a wine tasting than a leather-0-rama I met some great people and am wanting to soon go back and pick up on some conversations that ended too soon because we ran out of night.



Sara said...

I'm glad we made it out of there! :) The smell of leather and cheap beer was intoxicating.
Awsome shot by the way!

Anonymous said...

this picture is bad ass jenn♥

Anonymous said...

luv this pic brother!

Alisha said...

Alas Sara has met the man of her dreams, and she's not going to let him get away!!!