Friday, September 12


I love this picture of my sister :) We grew up in a little house way down Harlen Rd out in the middle of the country-ness. She absolutely loved her Raggedy Ann and dragged the poor gal everywhere. Takes me back to simple days and simple ways. Wet mittens, snow in your boots and frosty smiles. haha, check out those buck teeth of hers!! Love ya's sis.



Anonymous said...

Hey what do you know I clicked on the right one.
But yes I would love to relive those times, but I close my eyes and get there. the moonlit nights with you and Jen playing in the snow or waking up before dawn and getting ready wth snowsuits and boots and scarves to go make tunnels, then coming in with red cheeks, frosted eyebrows and lashes
wet socks for some hot chocolate.
Your smiles are unforgetable.

Love MOM

Anonymous said...

talk about back in the day! Damn, I barely remember these days, thank you for remembering and recognizing theses happy momemts on our childhood jenn♥

Anonymous said...

how cute!!!! she looks like little eli!!!