Sunday, September 28

Oxford ~ Day One

Just got back to the hotel and downloaded today's images. So much great stuff already! I'm extremely tired though as we never did get a chance to catch up on some sleep until late this afternoon and only for about 3 hours before heading out again.

Just a little info on the assignment here,,,,
I and three others have traveled to Oxford University just north of London to basically do a "day in the life" type essay on the students living here in two houses sponsored by Abilene Christian University. There are roughly 36 students divided between the two houses which sit side by side. I have arrived here with Scott, my roommate and videographer, and Kris and Cory who are both involved in the academics marketing for ACU. The plan is to follow the students around while we show what it is to live life abroad here in this beautiful area of the UK, and let me tell you ~ it is amazing here! The architecture alone draws every breath out of me. Just across from our hotel is this church,,,you should see it in the daylight! And you will . . . :)



Sammy said...

More, I want MORE!!! I am looking forward to the images and hearing about your travel. I will be checking in everyday to see your updates. So don't let me down :) What a cool opportunity for you, Ronnie!

Anonymous said...

Good morning in London!

Looks like that church is very old.
Stained glass too?

We look foward to seeing your pics this week, have a great time