Monday, September 29

Oxford ~ Day Two

What a day :)

Started it all with a breakfast like no other! Scott and I both just had our first “Baps”, a Bookie Bap to be precise, which is an egg, sausage, bacon and tomato breakfast sandwich topped with brown (bbq) sauce and yeah, delicious is an understatement! I topped mine off with a very strong espresso, not that I ordered it that way, but it just seems that most coffees around here are built tough. Good stuff though. The ladies who run On the Hoof, our new breakfast joint, are awesome and friendly! I'll have some pictures and more info on them soon, because~yeah, we're doing it again tomorrow :)

After breakfast we got to work shooting and filming students in their studies. A little bit later, one class, taught by Ron Morgan, took us to the famous and historical Bodleian Library. Quite impressive! They wouldn't allow photography in the upper floors where all the books are shelved but believe me, it was quite spectacular! Rows and rows of old manuscripts and books, beautifully lit. And the smell of worn covers and aged pages filled the air with a slight mustiness, a melody to the nose.

After that we moved down around the bend to New College and it was equally impressive! I don't think there is anything around here that isn't somewhat impressive, seriously! The gardens in back were inspiring and the halls around the chapel were quiet and thought provoking.

Finished the trip up by completely losing myself in the downtown area. There was so much to see it was overwhelming and for a while I just stood in one place, absorbing it all. After a while, I realized that I was by myself and had lost the entire group, so I made my way back to the house alone. It was a nice quiet walk, a reflective walk, a walk I'll not forget. I absolutely love this city. I wish we had more than tomorrow left here, but on Wednesday we board a plane for Spain. Oh the anguish! ;)

Here are some random shot from our day today, hope you like them!
Until tomorrow,,,,,



Anonymous said...

It most undoubtedly seems to me that you've been inspired!

Sammy said...

~Breathtaking~ This is where you just completely shine, my friend!

Brooke Moore said...

It looks amazing, Ronnie! You're doing a wonderful job. Seriously, you expect me to blog after seeing this?! J/K, I'll get on it, after all, envy can inspire, right?

Jana Graham Photography said...

fantastic images, traveling definitely suites you!

mom said...

winning fotos! the students looking up is unique!

Paul said...

I decided that for Christmas this year I would like to have an ounce of your talent. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

Cheryl said...

Iron fence, white tea roses, beautiful architecture = awesome photo!

Ronnie Ruiz said...

Thanks everyone for the support! :)