Friday, September 5

Thank you,,,,


To everyone who helped me out, thank you. I truly appreciate everyone who wrote and the time spent doing it, either by email or in the comments section. Change is hard sometimes and although I've especially had a whole lot of gigantic, bigfoot sized changes i've been going through, tonight I feel at ease. A most quiet comfort, the first I have felt in weeks is upon me and believe it or not, the complete retreat of angst and shake was chased away by news I had suspected for some time but dreaded hearing. But for me, it has given some definitive light to that part of my life and now I can concentrate on an unknown, exciting and adventurous life yet to be experienced. And I hope everyone will follow with me on those journeys to come. I will keep blogging and even better, I will write more, as requested by some of you ;) Frankly, I find that this blog can keep me balanced on unsure days and that writing keeps my footing sure on sometimes fragile ground. A lesson learned and absorbed from the inspirational Kevin German and his magnificent adventures in the spheres of his life.

I received over twenty some emails in the last few days from complete strangers and it was very humbling to know that so many people follow. One email I recieved came from Germany and it surprised me with the most delicately written, yet absolute words. It was written to me with an understanding like no other.

So, with all that out there, I have a feeling of rejuvenation and I am reawakening. And I thank you again, my friends. Especially to my daily crew, thank you for standing with me and encouraging me.

Be ready to travel to London and Spain with me in a month and India in the spring. I also recieved word tonight on a possible Egypt assignment for early next summer. But, there is also so much to see in my own backyard,,,,faces, places and things that I have been blind to and taken for granted. I take some inspiration and new eyes from Kevin Miyazaki who so elegantly can see such the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Good night and have a great weekend! Lift your face to the crisp fall air, breath it all in, then find your smile,,,I'll be there with you :)

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Anonymous said...

It is good that you are finding peace and you are now willing to go forward with your adventures without worrying about what you think is expected of you. You are free to embrace your passions.
I am happy for your future.
I feel for you through your changes.
Be strong.
You know which way you need to go.