Monday, September 1

After some thought,,,,

So, here goes,,,,
Recently there have been some very big changes in my life and pretty much everything has been on my mind. One immediate, although small thought, is of my blog,,,,it feels stale to me, maybe even a little too safe. I have considered changing it up, deleting it all together and well, just continuing on. I just don't know what to do. I'm asking you, people I know and don't know, what I should do. I don't know even who follow for the most part as I have never had a site tracker. Yeah, I'm afraid I'll only find out I have a dozen or so lookers.
It is hard for me to determine how to blog. I shoot many different subjects and while I want to share a lot of it, sometimes I don't think a gritty photojournalism experience sits well next to some beautiful wedding images. So, people of the world, tell me what I should do,,,have at it! Should I separate my experiences into different blogs, one for weddings and one for personal or should I just meld it all into one and just maybe give a little more each day? Because I know you all are really wondering how I butter my toast in the mornings.

If you've got something more to say, leave it in the comment section for me, it may make a difference between life and death for this blog ;)

,,,and yes, i see my grammer/spelling mistakes in the poll, too late to edit that though :) it was late.


Shannon said...

i love wedding images right up next to gritty photojournalism. it shows maturity in an artist to be able to handle a broad spectrum of work, and i think you need to keep showing all of it.

i'm the biggest fan of honesty and authenticity within an artist's body of work--- and I think that people will be able to sense that you are a real person when they see your work all intermixed---- and that will give them confidence to commission you for a job: whether it be a lovely wedding or a monthlong photojournalism trip overseas.

please dont segregate your blog,
thank you,

Chelsea said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm not sure if you will recognize my name. I'm Debbie's daughter, from Michigan. Well at least I use to love in Michigan but now I live in Alaska in an Eskimo village.

I just wanted to say I bookmarked your blog so I'll come back and check on it now and again, you have some amazing photos on it. Also I feel your pain about not knowing what people want you to blog about. Most of the time my everyday life seems boring to me, but when I talk to other people I realize that having to have your groceries flown in is a big deal.

I think you should write about and take pics of everything because you never know what will really grab someone.

goo luck, chelsea

Kevin said...

Keep it going, Ronnie! And I suggest just feel out the direction as it goes. Your blog should be personal shouldn't be dictated by what you think people want to see, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Kevin.
A personal expression shouldn't be dictated by what others think.
Do what you think is right.
It's your vision.

Anonymous said...

I think that your blog looks great! It isn't about the way the blog presents itself, but the art that is in it! I also think that you need to go with where you can make the money. You are so incredibly may need to move out of the state of Montana. There are people around here who will really appreciate your works of art, however, there are many many more in other states that will appreciate it even more and be willing to spend lots of money on it. As much as we would like to put Montana into the times, it is just not going to happen. Make a career out of you and your have the talent!

Amy L

Troy Schneider said...

I say keep one blog and share your thoughts, wedding photos, seniors, and photojournalism all in one place. We don't ask to see only one part of your personality at at time. We want to see everything that makes Ronnie the man that he is.

Chris said...

Keep up the good work! I love your blog, just keep it real.

Anonymous said...


I love your work, I loving coming to your blog and seeing what is new and exciting. I agree with most of the people above. This blog is to show case what you do. don't separate everything that's not who you are or what you do; you do it all.


Brooke Moore said...

Yeah, what they said.

Sammy said...

leave the blog, i visit on a regular basis and would miss not having it around. besides how exactly do you butter your toast in the mornings... :)

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I love everything about your blog!!! From your personal adventures to the weddings and engagement photos and even to the senior pictures. As a newly wed I loved seeing the ideas and different settings of couples (and still do). I believe that your blog inspires people to see things in a different way. I say keep on doing what you are doing, because it is amazing!

Nikki H

Anonymous said...

Hi RJ, Not interested in strangers weddings. Like to see places you have been, what you are experiencing. You have a great eye for detail of the commonplace and not so. Hope you will continue sharing. Greetings from us all. Debbie and Ron

Brooke Moore said...

I love your blog, Ronnie, don't delete it. I love it's "life representation". The weddings, portraits, travel, every day life. It's one big long journey with many significant points. If none of us embarked on the journey of life, we'd all go straight to dead. The journey is life and I feel that, professionally speaking (quite the presumption there, on my behalf), people will appreciate your product more as they watch your journey and your transitions.

Patricia Winden said...

Ronnie, as soon as Shane showed me your blog I saved it in favorites for quick and easy access - I think it's great. Keep it up and know that all of your photographs and blogs are enjoyed thoroughly, whether it's a wedding, the rodeo in Wyoming, or your dog in the pool!

Thanks again for the great pics in the bar, I can't wait to take more (of course between fantastic journeys in your future).