Thursday, October 16

And there I am

I sometimes forget how simple pleasures can bring back the soul. I'm not talking about those daily delights, such as seeing the apple logo pop up on my screen or late night Seinfeld episodes to forget the day away, but more of those quiet connecting spots in time. With a warm numbing across my body, it's a high of sorts, one that I always welcome. I feel absolute and assured in those moments and not a wicked hair could tangle my peace. I forget the world outside my mind and care for only the moment.

One of these times came to me recently as I followed Sara and Mandy as they fished the Nowood creek in Northern Wyoming. Between cliffs of red clay and thick valleys of green they fished, and I explored. As soon as my feet dipped into the cool clear tumbling waters of the Nowood and I saw the lean of tall summer grasses, I felt it, that moment. There was a sensation, a transition, a realization, a connection that this was good, way good for my soul. And even though I followed along the banks with them, I was on my own, and at times I drifted farther away, apart, out of sight, to be alone, where I found small pockets of bliss for my own private delight. I absorbed the textures all around me; fallen and splintered trees, worn river stones and spider webs that dangled in the shade. I listened to the quiet crashing of leaves in the breeze and watched as cotton floated down to earth in the slanted golden evening sun. My fingers were light and my steps were sure. It was unforgettable.

We only spent about an hour in the creek, wading and wandering, so I feel I missed a lot as we quickened our pace back to a bbq waiting for us. I could've spent days drifting the curves and straits of the creek and maybe later I'll get back there, but for now I try to bring back the spirit of the Nowood to my sleeping thoughts. I walk along, forever in heaven, where fish dance in the shallows, water bugs zip the ripples and if I look close enough, my own reflection smiles and nods back at me.


Mandy said...

Oh Ronnie, Thank you for bring me back to those memories, I can feel the cold water over my feet and hot sun on my face. Oh how I love that place.

Anonymous said...

Great shots!! They bring back childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you capture the beautiful simplicity of nature.