Sunday, October 12

Jody and Johnny ~ Preview


Oh what a bitter cold day it was down on the Chico farm!! Chico Hot Springs was the venue for Jody and Johnny's wedding yesterday and although it was biting cold we didn't get the crazy snowfall that everyone back home in Billings did. The wind swept around us all day making for quick in-n-outs of the car, waming up only to brave a couple quick moments again, but what troopers and oh the sacrifice! You two were awesome and we're happy to have been a part of your day. Thanks so much! Full post soon...



Sammy said...

I adore that first image! I am so glad that you didn't have snow yesterday. Can't wait for the full post! Later Gator~ Sammy

Rachel Anne Davis said...

Enough with the preview! Let's see more images here! Get with the program! :)