Monday, October 6

Behind the scenes

So, as I sit here in Minneapolis waiting to catch the last leg of my flight home I'm reflecting back on this whole amazing journey I've been given. This is my third adventure for ACU and each and every time I am even more inspired by the folks who make up this community. I'll have more on the teachers and admin people soon but for now I just wanted to thank the students who put up with Scotty and I for the last week and a half. You all were awesome and I wish I could've gotten to know you all a little more had time allowed. I was able to have some great conversations with a few of you and I'm grateful for the experience and I hope you all realize what a great opportunity you've been given to study abroad (I'm sure you know!) and under the wisdom of your instructors with you there. Thanks for allowing us to invade your space and stick our cameras and lenses up in your biznazz, it was a great experience for both of us!
Thanks all!!



scott said...

'Twas a pleasure! Hope to work with you again soon! Hopefully next time you sneak photos of me my chins won't look like a butt!

Ronnie Ruiz said...

funny! hope that cold is gettin' better for ya!

Brooke Moore said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, though the photo-folk (such as myself) will be glad you're home! I look forward to seeing more from your trip.

Rachel Anne Davis said...

I'm likin' the new profile pix. It is, you you. :)