Sunday, October 5

Yes, there is still a world at work

While we were listening to our bike tour guide, well, while most were listening to him, I was talking up this fella on what has been happening in the world; I haven't watched tv the whole time I've been away from home! I totally forgot about the VP Debate and so he was filling me in on it and although he didn't want to discuss his feelings (he was afraid of offending) he just said it was a great debate, guess I'll have to catch the re-run when I get home.
Just a good face and good conversation in a quick few minutes. I've also just realized at this very moment that this fella is the only unknown face I directly shot on the entire trip, I mean as in approached street portrait. I guess I was wrapped up in the assignment and that's not a bad thing :) I did see many faces I wanted to make images of, just never got to.

And, even though I'm praparing for my trip home, I have plenty of images from the trip coming up, so stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

you can make anyone smile ;) and, you have a great one yourself!

Sara said...

I can't wait for the rest of your travel chronicals! This have been awsome!

Rachel Anne Davis said...

Who is this clown? Hello Kitty called and wants her sunglasses back!! :)