Friday, October 3

Dinner Break

Had kind of a slow day today as far as following the kids around. They had the afternoon off and so we all took siestas.
Tonight Scott, Steven, Corey and I headed downtown for dinner at a Crepe place, forgot the biz-card so I can't link it right now and we actually got the scoop on this place by taking the advice from Ryan Air, and it was awesome, probably the best food yet I've eaten while on this trip. I've decided that I'm just going to have to do a food post later when I get back as I have so many food shots :)
In the meantime, we took our time getting back wandering alleys and uncharted cobblestone streets. As I once again write from the Cathedral steps, with Scott blogging right next to me, bats twitter and squeak above us in the street lights and a cool breeze dances around us. This is pretty cool. Oh, and the bells from the Cathedral just rang! Here are some shots from our walk home tonight. Until tomorrow!



jennifer said...

i love the angels

Anonymous said...

I love the one with the person standing in front of the spot with the clock. Is it you?