Saturday, October 4


Who’da thunk??!!
I spent the day today, and what a beautiful day it was, on a bike for four hours touring Barcelona! Thanks to Fat Tire, all had a fabulous time and it was quite the way to see the city!! Shane, you would be proud!
After our bike tour we headed over the the stadium for some good ‘ol spanish futbol and Barcelona kicked butt 6-1 over Madrid.
I’m just doing a quick post tonight as we just got back and it’s about 2:30 am, and yes, I’m out here freezing again blogging from the steps of the cathedral,,,,well, it’s not nearly as cold as last night. Anyway, I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow of the bike ride and give a full stat on my trip here.

Oh, and to the few of you who know who you are,,,,,i'ze got the goods and am bringin' them home for you :)



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Brooke Moore said...

Not so sure what the "goods" are, but I think I want in.