Saturday, January 24

I love your cold nose on me

so there i was, getting fuzzy on wine, sitting on the couch talking on the phone with friends when I decided to call it a night and head to bed. I fell in and buried myself under my heavy quilt loving the weight pressing down on me and with a smothering contentment, I sighed a last sound and started to fall fast asleep. But then, my mind instead of finding quiet comfort, wandered in another direction.
Recently there have been so many goings-on in the local hood concerning our four legged friends. most recently there was the sad story of Shady Lane Kennels and the deplorable conditions in which over a hundred dogs were forced to live. and this week there was the controversial bill in the Montana house proposing a ban on pit-bulls. what bothered me about that bill was not the dogs, or the question of whether or not the ban would make our state safer or not, but the idiocy and backwoods thinking of some annonymous folks who emailed the representative who started the bill. they threatened and harrassed and said some pretty horrible things. I'm sure those same people aren't the ones who showed up at the capitol to go against the bill in proper order, those people weren't afraid to show their face and were there with real voices, unlike the anonymous hiding behind the late night glow of their computer screens. it's amazing how quickly some people can start grunting and throwing things, having a tantrum,,,,makes me believe that maybe evolution is the truth and we are derived from monkeys! anyway, I digress,,,,
All I know is that my heart is heavy for all the animals in bad places. I know, as I write this tonight at nearly 2 am there are pets out there in the below freezing cold and I wish so much that I could help, but where do you start?!! It's frustrating.
I really don't believe the penalties are harsh enough for owners who mistreat and I don't understand why. I was going to say that I'm sorry for going on about this, but, I'm not. I love animals and cannot stand seeing them hurt.
well, I feel a little better getting some of that off my chest, and tomorrow I know i will wake with a new reserve and I will find a way to make a difference.
In this moment, I want to wish a hug out to my friend Roni who lives in the Carolinas who just lost her best pal Lucky this past Monday. It was extremely hard for her and as I read her letter to me tonight I had tears on my cheeks. Lucky was 11 years and as I know Roni, she had a wonderful life, but it's still hard.
I have to say, now that I'm on my own, I do miss having my little buddies, Andrew, Chloe and Kota and it's hard, but I know that I can see them anytime and that they remember me when I stroll through the door. I even think of Miss Ava often, how could you not love her,,,,,plus, she keeps the backyard free of roaming lions.



Cindy Cieluch Photography said...

ronnie...i can't agree with you more. this week, i posted a link to the state website so montanans could voice their opinion for SB 221 to enforce stricter penalties for hoarding. it's ticks me off/perplexes me that people can be so uncaring to animals. i think there are 3 types of people: nice people, mean people and evil people who hurt children & animals.

on the positive side, miss ava is beautiful and looks like she has a funny/sweet/lil' stinker personality! my dogs mean the world to me. thank you for voicing your honest/raw thoughts.

p.s. how incredible does the BLEND workshop look? you went to jose villa...i went to 'the image is found' incredible would it be to meet up and get them along with jesh?!?!? too bad it's in only 3 months.... talk soon, cin

Sara said...


I couldnt agree with you more regarding the bill against pit bulls, you know my dog, he is as harmless as a kitten, and would have been included in that bill. Scary to think what this world has come too. Evolution does leave you wondering.
Great pic of Ava.

Have a good week