Monday, January 19

Roller Bounce Baby!

Skating with Toni and her crew at the local skate rink,,,, awesomeness! What a blast it was, and although I only made the loop a few times, I managed to not fall down! I did skitter a bit though and nearly lose my manly-stance as my feet danced away from me, but all was good in the end :) It's been nearly 25 years since I last put on some skates you know.

They have something called the Snowball Skate where all the boys line the edges of the rink and wait for a girl to pick them to skate with and while we were all standing around watching, remembering our younger days at the rink, we noticed one little cute fella just standing there patiently waiting.  He just looked so shy and small amongst the other boys and so we convinced Toni that she should take him out for a skate, since he was being ignored by everyone else.
It was pure brilliance to see his face shine when she skated right up to him and snatch him out of the crowd!  She just made his day.  And she made my day by inviting me out, I don't think I've had a better Friday in quite the while,,,thanks Toni!
I had a little fun with these images and just went crazy on the retro-tool in photoshop  :)

The Crew...


Anonymous said...

putting a smile on a child's face is what makes life beautiful!! krys

Sara said...

This looks like so much fun! These turned out great with the retro touch! :)

Sammy said...

Really fun images! I love the edits on them alot! You pretty much rock skate world!